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The Baltimore Museum of Industry Collections Database

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For more information about the BMI's Archival Collections or Library, please contact our Archivist, Matt Shirko: 410-727-4808 ext. 112

Fees: $20 Per Image ($15 for non-profits, seniors, students, members, and donors)

Tips for Searching

Keyword Search

The Keyword Search function allows you to search for specific terms or phrases. For example, input the term, "Harbor," then press the search button. The next page displays the results with thumbnail views of the images while giving you a brief description. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image. Click on the object ID, formatted as BGE.####, to see the full record. Many searches will have multiple pages of results, as with the "Harbor" search. Click on the numbers at the bottom of the page to view more search results.

Suggested Keyword Searches: Bethlehem Steel, Charles Street, Railroad, Theater, Window Display, Light Street, Banks, Industry, Farms, Department Stores, Historic Buildings, Calvert Street, Workers, African American Workers, Ships, Bridges

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search function allows for specific searches including various fields, including keywords, caption, search terms, catalog number, lexicon category or sub-category, description, and by date. Use the Advanced search feature for directing specific searches. One example would be to search for steel workers during the 1950s. Put "workers" as a search term, "steel" in the description, "1950" as the start date, and "1960" as the end date. Click the "Search Records" button at the bottom of the page to see the results.

Random Images

The Random Images button is a great way to just browse the collection. Each Random Images page displays a random assortment of images from the records online. If something piques your interest, click the thumbnail to view a larger version of the image, or the object ID to see the full record.

Catalog Searches (Archives / Photos / Libraries / Objects)

The catalog buttons can also help narrow down your search, by only searching with a selected catalog. If you only want to search for Photos, click the Photos button and type in your keyword(s) or phrase. You can also browse records within that catalog without performing a search. Phrase searching, wildcards (*) as well as AND/OR statements are available when performing catalog searches.

Requesting Image Reproductions
All of the images displayed on this site are available as digital reproductions. To request a particular image, please click the Request Image button and fill out the form with your contact information along with details on how you plan to use the image. We will then contact you within 3 business days to discuss any fees and delivery options. For our reproduction policy and a list of our reproduction fees, please see our Fee Schedule.