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Image of BGE.2709N - Negative, Film

BGE.2709N - Negative, Film

Map of Baltimore showing the ring system, power plant locations, several substations and gas holders, and airfield locations.

Image of BGE.13264 - Negative, Film

BGE.13264 - Negative, Film

Copies of maps from an Atlas of Anne Arundel County Maryland 1878 Atlas is located at the Peabody Library, Baltimore, MD Maps include Title Page, General View of Anne Arundel and Baltimore Counties and the 3rd District of Anne Arundel County

Image of BGE.14908 - Negative, Film

BGE.14908 - Negative, Film

Map of Baltimore City showing addtions of area over time

Image of BGE.15534 - Negative, Film

BGE.15534 - Negative, Film

Map of Baltimore City

Image of BGE.15989 - Negative, Film

BGE.15989 - Negative, Film

Map of Annapolis, MD

Image of BGE.23322 - Negative, Film

BGE.23322 - Negative, Film

Copy of an old Poppleton City Map showing Baltimore as of November 1851 photograph of map was taken in four sections North/Northwest North/Northeast South/Southwest South/Southeast

Image of BGE.23323 - Negative, Film

BGE.23323 - Negative, Film

Copy of a Baltimore City map, dated 1801, by Warner and Hanna

Image of BGE.37866 - Negative, Film

BGE.37866 - Negative, Film

Map of the Baltimore Beltway

Image of BGE.42031 - Negative, Film

BGE.42031 - Negative, Film

Maps of Baltimore and Maryland dating from 1816.

Image of BGE.45035 - Negative, Film

BGE.45035 - Negative, Film

View of a map of the eastern United States showing distances from Chicago to major eastern-seaboard ports by rail. Baltimore is the closest by rail to Chicago.

Image of BGE.46672 - Negative, Film

BGE.46672 - Negative, Film

View of the map of the gas distribution network in the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan Area. Front Street.

Image of BGE.47550 - Negative, Film

BGE.47550 - Negative, Film

View of a map of northern Anne Arundel County and southern Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Image of BGE.48533 - Negative, Film

BGE.48533 - Negative, Film

View of a department of Public Works map of Baltimore for the conduit construction division.

Image of BGE.50398 - Negative, Film

BGE.50398 - Negative, Film

Copy of a Baltimore City Map from 1801.